Preparatory English Instruction for Students and Adults

Literature and Composition

Survey of American Literature

AP Language and Composition

Study Skills

Tutoring in Reading and Composition

Effective Communication Skills for Adults

Courses are designed on the Classical Model of Education. (See Philosophy of Education.)

"The best class I ever took was with Mrs. Roos, because she taught me to think critically."

". . . one of the most valuable aspects of Mrs. Roos's teaching style is her ability to challenge students to rise to the next level. While some teachers let students slide by with a minimum amount of effort, Mrs. Roos guides and challenges her class to end the year more competent at English than where they began. This ensures the growth necessary to shine in classes in a university setting."

"We could not have been more pleased with the instruction you provided. [Our daughter] was appropriately challenged and encouraged. Thanks so much for everything!"