About the Instructor

Marlys Roos is a certified teacher who holds a B.A. in Speech and Drama with a minor in Journalism and an M.A. in Education with concentrations in Language Arts and Social Studies.


Prior to graduate school and teaching full-time, Mrs. Roos had a succesful career in sales and marketing for almost ten years, working for and with Fortune 500 firms. She designed and developed marketing tools and training programs, wrote and edited company newsletters and correspondence, and worked with clients to determine the products that best suited their marketing needs.


During this time, she was recruited to teach evening classes in communication skills avocationally at several locations including Broadcast Talent Workshops, The Learning Annex, and Georgia State University's Department of Continuing Education. She also wrote the training materials that were used and was hired by individual companies to train employees in communication skills. It was during this time she realized her love for teaching and for helping others achieve their goals.


Creative writing experience includes writing (directing and performing) in mystery dinner theater; writing scripts for churches, schools, and non-profits; and writing teaching materials for vacation Bible schools as well as for academic subjects. She currently works part-time as an editor and tutor.


After graduate school, Mrs. Roos taught in the DeKalb County School System until starting a family. Mrs. Roos has home schooled her son since 2004 and taught classes for home-schooled students from 2007 to 2019.