Junior High Classes

Junior high classes are designed to prepare students for the levels of learning encountered in high school and college courses, strengthening the foundations upon which advanced learning can build.


The courses reinforce and expand the foundations of the Grammar Stage*, build and strengthen the walls of the Logic Stage*, and introduce the finishing processes of the Rhetoric Stage*.


*Courses are designed on the Classical Model of Education. (See Philosophy of Education.)

"Her literature and composition class was challenging but rewarding. I walked away with skills that continue to be of use in all of my academic classes. Not only did I learn the mechanics of writing essays, she also taught me how to take study notes, do effective research, and understand and retain the information read."

"I Love (yes, with a capital L) how both strict and fun this class is."


"It was a very well-planned class that helped me learn a lot while still having fun. [My favorite thing about the class is] the fact that I learned so much in a once-a-week class."