Literature and Composition 1 for Grades 7 and 8

This course corresponds to Georgia D.O.E. Course #23.01300.

Thursdays 9:00-10:30 at Eastside Academic Studies (

$495/year or $250/semester (includes individual student fee to EAS) + $10 materials fee                                                     $30 discount for those registered by August 1


  • Reading a variety of genres: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and drama
  • Comparing and contrasting types of literature
  • Distinguishing sub-genres of fiction
  • Techniques for reading for information and comprehension
  • Analyzing for theme, plot, character, voice, organization
  • Identifying literary devices and their purposes
  • Applying elements of literature to personal writing
  • Understanding works in their physical and historical contexts
  • Vocabulary from literature read and correctly using the words in context
  • Evaluating themes and their application to personal experience
  • Taking notes from readings to improve study skills


  • Descriptive, narrative, expository, and persuasive writing
  • Determining audience and purpose
  • Organizing information for clarity, coherence, and cohesiveness
  • Employing literary devices in original writing
  • Analyzing and writing news articles
  • Creative writing: descriptions, tall tales, skits, poetry
  • Research Paper: finding and evaluating sources, taking notes, outlining, formatting, citing
  • Summarizing and paraphrasing; avoiding plagiarism
  • Taking notes in class 

Grammar (Essential for Study of Literature and Composition)

  • Purpose and function of words for clear communication
  • Functions of nouns and how they affect the use of other words
  • Subject-verb agreement (with nouns and pronouns as subjects)
  • Consistency of verb tense
  • Pronoun cases and uses
  • Antecedent agreement
  • Phrase and clauses
  • Compound and complex sentences
  • Sentence variety
  • Punctuation: ending marks, commas, colons, semi-colons, quotation marks
  • Review and application of spelling rules

Homework Policy: Due to the time restraint of a once-a-week class, students are expected to complete assignments at home during the rest of the week. Assignments are discussed in class and are also sent by email the evening after class. Students are strongly encouraged to email the instructor during the week with questions and not wait until the next class to ask. A pacing guide is sent with assignments each week, and if followed, students should complete reading and writing assignments by spending 30-60 minutes each of the other weekdays. (Modification can be arranged for those with special circumstances when the instructor is notified in advance.)