Literature and Composition 2 for Grades 8 and 9

This course corresponds to Georgia D.O.E. course #23.06100

Thursdays 10:45-12:15 at Eastside Academic Studies              (

$495/year or $250/semester (includes the individual student fee to EAS) +$10 materials fee                                       $30 discount for those registered by August 1


  • Continued reading in a variety of genres: mystery, drama, satire, allegory, biography, realistic fiction, science fiction
  • Distinguishing elements of genres
  • Close analysis of literature for plot and character development, the role of setting, themes and lessons taught by the author, applications that can be made to the reader
  • Detecting logical fallacies
  • Analysis of the structures of poetry
  • Decoding symbolism within texts
  • Higher-level vocabulary study and practice using the terms from literature read and of words often misused
  • Continued identification of advanced literary devices in reading and employment of them in original writing
  • Annotating and making close readings
  • Comparisons of works by authors of conflicting worldviews
  • Further techniques for reading for information, comprehension, and study
  • Independent reading projects shared with the class


  • Formal and informal letter writing
  • Development of character, plot, setting, and suspense in mystery writing
  • Writing dialogue in different ways
  • Using vocabulary in correct context
  • Developing a theme through poetry
  • Analyzing essay questions to give clear, concise, and coherent responses
  • Practice for timed-essay responses
  • Outlining for study as well as for writing
  • Developing an argument with logic and reason, avoiding logical fallacies
  • Contract project investigating a topic
  • Developing an academic paper: finding and evaluating sources, taking notes, outlining, formatting, citing
  • Summarizing and paraphrasing; avoiding plagiarism
  • Giving and writing clear, concise instructions that can easily be followed
  • Proofreading and editing

 Grammar (Essential for Study of Literature and Composition)

  • Using a handbook to find the answers to questions about grammar and writing
  • Purposes and functions of phrases and clauses within sentences
  • Applying a variety of sentence structures
  • Editing for misplaced and dangling modifiers as well as for grammar and mechanics
  • Employing advanced grammar structures to strengthen argument and communication
  • Active vs. passive voice
  • Parts of speech used in varying ways (gerunds, participles, infinitives)
  • Punctuation within sentences -- the comma and beyond

Homework Policy: Due to the time restraint of a once-a-week class, students are expected to complete assignments at home during the rest of the week. Assignments are discussed in class and also sent by email the evening after class. Students are strongly encouraged to email the instructor during the week with questions and not wait until the next class to ask. A pacing guide is sent with assignments each week, and if followed, students should complete reading and writing assignments by spending 45-75 minutes each of the other weekdays. (Modification can be arranged for those with special circumstances when the instructor is notified in advance.)