Study Skills Workshop and Classes for Grades 7-12

Three-hour workshop: Free for those taking any of Mrs. Roos' classes, and $65 for those not enrolled in any of her classes. The workshop is held the last week of August each year. The time and date will be announced later this summer.

The study skills workshop is a three-hour introduction to organizational and time management tools and techniques to help students develop the habits that lead to success in high school, college, and the workplace.


The workshop is free for students who are registered for any of the Mrs. Roos' classes. For students not registered for her classes, the workshop is $65. It is held the last week of August at EAS (Formerly LAC).  

Study Skills Class: A fourteen-week* class offered September thru December and January thru April                  Thursdays 10:45 - 12:15 at Eastside Academic Studies (                               $265 each semester + $15 materials fee

The study skills class is a 14-week* extension of the workshop in which students will analyze their study habits and evaluate the area(s) in which they struggle. Students will work in pairs or small groups for accountability and encouragement. *(Spring semester, the class will run for 16 weeks which will include the material from the 3-hour workshop.) 

$265/semester+$15 materials fee


As with most endeavors, developing good work habits is 20% having the right tools and knowing how to use them and 80% having the desire and determination to use them. By investigating the causes of poor work habits, examining their own learning styles, and assessing various study methods, students then have the opportunity to determine the tools that they can and will use to develop an individual plan for success.


Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and to develop skills to manage their time and assignments. Accountability with other students, teachers, and parents will determine each student's grade. Application and consistent practice of methods learned to increase achievement and reduce stress from procrastination and disorganization will be, in the end, the greatest rewards.


Each class will have a brief instructional time followed by hands-on practice as students set goals and priorities, develop work schedules, and organize papers. Students will also practice listening skills, researching a topic, taking notes from lectures and texts, preparing for tests, and effectively reading for a variety of subjects and purposes.

Students will need to bring assignment sheets and materials from other classes each week to work on time management and organization. Short homework assignments will be given each week to practice skills learned in class.


Topics include:

  • Learning styles and types of intelligence
  • Setting up a study environment
  • Teacher/student responsibilities
  • Developing effective habits
  • The four levels of reading and when to use them
  • Methods for note taking from text and lecture
  • Steps to take before, during, and after class
  • Scheduling and planning
  • Paper control: notebook organization and filing
  • Time management tools and methods
  • Study organizers and tips

(If more personal study skills instruction is needed than what can be provided in the classroom, I recommend hiring an academic coach. Please see the resource page for contact information.)