Senior High Classes

Senior high classes are designed to develop learning environments and experiences similar to those students will encounter in college and in the workplace. Students work independently, in groups, and with the instructor as they develop full responsibility for their own learning and for working with others.

"You were very thorough and provided a robust and global curriculum that will serve [our student] well in future studies. Thanks also for going above and beyond as a wonderful teacher!" 

"Mrs. Roos really works with me on assignments like research papers and various essays, and teaches me the skills I need for college papers and even just personal projects. Even in small assignments and class discussions, she encourages me to open up, formulate an opinion, and present it coherently."


"Mrs. Roos always presented the literature and writers in such creative, interesting, and memorable ways which made the class a pleasure to attend."


"American Literature in 10th grade was equally enjoyable and enriching. I still remember and love many of the stories and poems we analyzed during that class - most notably the works of Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson, now my two favorite poets."