Tutoring for Adults in Professional Communication Skills

Tutoring sessions may be for individuals or groups at a place and rate to be determined based on the need and circumstances. Sessions will be designed according to need and may include the following:

  • Communicating with clarity and purpose
  • Writing business letters, emails, and other communications
  • Presenting a professional image in communications
  • Developing and making presentations
  • Accent reduction and speaking with clarity
  • Creating instructional communications
  • The four levels of reading and when to use them

Price and place to be determined by agreement.

"Her excellent command and knowledge of the English language and related diction disciplines were transferred to me in a teaching environment that was informative, challenging, and rewarding, and certainly advanced my knowledge in these areas."


"I believe her assistance directly increased my self-confidence, without question contributed to my increased and improved verbal expression and public speaking abilities, and indirectly resulted in my professional advancement."